Chief Patrick is Patron for Indonesia Economic Forum’s Climate Initiative

Name: Chief Patrick
Title: Founder of Clover Climate Alliance
LinkedIn URL:
Patron of the IEF Climate Change Initiatives

We are pleased to announce that Chief Patrick, Founder of Clover Climate Alliance, has accepted the invitation to become the Patron of IEF – Climate Initiative.

As the global community prepares for the upcoming COP26 Summit in Scotland, the Indonesia Economic Forum is proud to announce an official partnership with the Clover Climate Alliance to raise awareness, build an army of 1 million Gen-Z and Millennials climate champion, tokenise the forests of Indonesia and ultimately leave behind a healthy planet for future generations.

The Indonesia Economic Forum and Clover Climate Alliance partnership will kick off, immediately, with 2 key initiatives:

1) Elon Musk’s US$100 million XPRIZE Carbon Removal:

A global competition aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity – fighting climate change and rebalancing Earth’s carbon cycle. Clover Climate Alliance is sponsoring US$100,000 (in CLV) to incentivise the first 20 participating teams from universities in Indonesia.

2) Asset Tokenisation for Climate Change: in collaboration with one of Asia’s largest central bank will be issuing ten-trillion dollars of Climate Crisis Digital Tokens (Clover-CLX) to finance the collective initiatives of Clover Climate Alliance.

The partnership of Indonesia Economic Forum and Clover Climate Alliance, will launch a pilot US$100 million Climate Hedge Fund, to invest in Indonesia’s climate initiatives; including arable and forest land, rainforest, renewable energy, waste management, direct air capture and nature-based solutions. This will be set up under the regulatory supervision of the monetary authority of one of Asia’s major financial centre.

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