Clover Citizens

are real people.
Entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, programmers, cooks, firefighters, lawyers, traders, marketers, humanitarians, environmentalists. Me and you. All of us.

Why should I become a citizen?

Clover's overarching policy is Citizens First.
Clover Country provides each citizen the platform to earn a life-long passive income, the possibility to help others through Clover initiatives, to belong to a global community, to have access to the latest technology, and to create a stable future free from money hassles.

Imagine the possibilities

With Clover you have the chance to become wealthy, to live carefree, to transcend self by helping others.

Clover Country

A decentralized virtual country built on blockchain and powered by AI

Clover Country is not a business or a corporate entity. Its sole purpose is to democratize wealth and to empower its citizens to earn a life-long passive income and the opportunity to invest in humanitarian, environmental, educational, digital healthcare, and charitable initiatives.

The entire governance of Clover Country is in the hands of its citizens.

Citizenship is free.

Clover CLV

The official social impact currency of Clover Country

Only 100 Billion CLV are digitally-minted and will be equitably distributed to Clover citizens. 80% will be earmarked as Reserve CLV owned by Clover Trust, a globally distributed network of trusts and foundations; the de facto central bank.

Clover CLV aims to be the 21st-century store-of-value that is non- speculative and appreciates persistently for the benefit of Clover citizens.

Only Clover citizens can own/buy Clover CLV.

Clover CLV
CLV Wallet

CLV Wallet

Stores and controls the underlying conditions attached to all CLV

In order to self-regulate the demand and supply, all CLV are attached with 2 embedded conditions:

  1. Lock-In Period of 3 months for the Premium CLV that a citizen buys or earns. The Premium CLV can be sold only after the first 3 months of being credited. The Free CLV that a citizen gets as a bonus has a Lock-In Period of 12 months.
  2. Quantum Restriction in Selling of 10% per month. After the Lock-In Period, only 10% of a citizen’s CLV can be sold every month. It is optional, and a citizen can carry forward the 10% quota of a particular month to the following months.

Clover Marketplace

Clover’s own digital asset exchange

The buying and selling of CLV/USD is quoted exclusively on Clover’s own digital asset exchange. The Clover Marketplace operates under license with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

The Clover Marketplace is designed to operate under a novel and proprietary currency framework; the Managed Fixed Exchange Rate System.

Clover Marketplace

Citizen Affiliate Program

A one-level affiliate program has the unique benefit of a lifelong payout
Every Citizen is automatically enrolled into the Citizen Affiliate Program. The referral code and link are found in the CLV Wallet (Referral).

Introduce your friends; so they become your Affiliates, perpetually.

  • Your friends will get $5 of Free CLV, each, upon joining.
  • You will also be rewarded with $5 of Free CLV for every Affiliate.

You earn Affiliate Commissions; whenever your Affiliates buy CLV.

  • 10% Free CLV in the first year of your Affiliates joining
  • 5% Free CLV in the second year and
  • 2.5% Free CLV in the third year.
You have the power to start your own Carefree Life

Where there is a will, anything is possible. You have the power to start your own Carefree Life!