Clover Climate Alliance

(A social movement of Clover Country)

Investing in Nature: Shaping the Future

Change  is  never  easy,  especially  when  we  have  to  give  up  what  we  have  become  used to. As  citizens  of  Planet  Earth,  we  have  all  become  accustomed to  a  certain  way  of  life,  especially those of us living in urban environments and developed countries. But it is now clear that our lifestyle is having a detrimental effect on mother earth and that we need to change and change fast.

As global citizens we face some hard choices. Change and take immediate action to alter the course of history or perish as mother nature exerts its wrath. Governments and  world  leaders  have  for  decades  tried  to  reach  an  agreement  to  lower  average  global temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius compared to temperatures before the Industrial Revolution.

For  every  fraction  of  a  degree  in  warming,  we  will  see  the  full  impact  of  climate  change and extreme weather: intense and deadly heat waves; drought and floods; wildfires  and  cold  snaps.  Entire  species  face  extinction.  “The  world  is  on  a  catastrophic pathway,” noted United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The  question  facing us  is  can  we  alter  course? 
Can  we  stop  this  destruction  of  the  planet?
What as citizens can we do?


The United Nations believes that blockchain, the  technology lying behind digital tokens/online currencies, could be of great benefit to those fighting the climate crisis, and help bring about a more sustainable global economy. One of the most useful aspects, as far as the UN is concerned, is transparency.

Because the technology is resistant to tampering and fraud, it can provide a trusted and transparent record of transactions. This is particularly important in regions with weak institutions and high levels of corruption.

This is why Clover Climate Alliance is launching a global initiative to put together, and make available the funds to finance, a unique portfolio of CO2 removal strategies because no single intervention will be successful on its own.


Research has shown that afforestation and reforestation will be most productive in tropical regions, whereas solar radiation differences in the more northern latitudes with  more  albedo  (reflection  of  light  back  into  space)  mean  those  countries  will  likely have better luck investing in the more technological interventions, such as carbon capture and biomass extraction.

The need to deploy these solutions is imminent. To reverse climate change’s effects, 33 gigatons of existing greenhouse gases must be removed this year and every year moving forward; based on a recent study in the journal Scientific Reports.

“If  you  do  the  math,  you  have  to  deploy  all  carbon  removal  opportunities  to  their  maximum capacity. That is the only way that we will reach our societal climate targets” says Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft.

Initiatives  that  must  be  financed  to  reach  net-­‐zero,  include  those  which  reduce  emissions of harmful gases as well as enhancing or protecting the natural solutions which  capture those  gases,  like  forests  and  the  ocean  and  new  technologies including direct air capture.


The Climate Finance will be a double-digit trillion dollars undertaking and are expected to come from a wide range of public and private funding sources, which are supporting innovative climate action initiatives at a local, national or transnational level.

A variety of financial instruments are already being used to provide climate finance from green bonds to direct project-based loans to direct investments in energy or technology providers.


Clover  Country  will  be  issuing  a  multi-­‐trillion  dollar  Climate  Crisis  Digital  Token  (Clover-­CLX) to finance the collective initiatives of the Clover Climate Alliance. This is  in  collaboration  with  one  of  Asia’s  largest  central  banks  (ACB)  whereby  30%  of  the private placement proceeds will be used to buy physical gold bullion from the ACB and held in safe custody by ACB as Clover Reserve Assets. The Clover Reserve Assets  will  be  leverage  upon  for  the  market  making  of  Clover-­CLX on  Clover’s  proprietary digital asset exchange. The remaining 70% of the proceeds will be deployed to invest in Clover Climate Alliance’s initiatives including the purchase of arable land, forest land and rainforest as real assets; and investments in renewable energy and waste management.

The immediate actions to kick start the Clover Climate Alliance will be:

Re-­‐forestation  of  large  tracks  of  land  in  Indonesia  and  other  parts  of Southeast Asia. We will crowd fund a Clover Climate Corp of 100,000 young people to plant trees in their countries, especially in rural areas. Indonesia has made impressive progress in reducing deforestation over the past few years but areas that have been left bare need to be re-­‐forested.

Plastic  pollution  poses  a  grave  threat  to  the  climate;  food  safety;  human health; coastal tourism. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year and make up 80% of marine debris. Reducing plastic waste is therefore an urgent action that will be core-­‐agenda item for Clover Climate Alliance.

Tokenization of forest land. Imagine being able to own the equivalent of one square meter of forest land (to help preserve and protect the environment) and have the option to trade that token on an exchange. Tokenization will unlock access to previously unavailable capital adding liquidity to the financial system. By doing so, it will provide new opportunities for investors to invest in ESG initiatives.

Recruiting 1 million GenZ and Millennials as Clover Climate Champion; from the students and alumni of universities and institutions of higher learning.

Inviting all organisations, grassroots groups and NGOs who are taking action on climate change; to join the Clover Climate Alliance. We will encourage and empower the 1 million climate champion to support or get involved with the organisations or initiatives that align with their interests and passions.

Private Placement of the first US$100 million of Clover-­CLX to sophisticated investors, High Network Individuals and Family Offices via an investment bank. 30% of the proceeds will be deployed to buy gold bullion from an Asian Central Bank as Clover Reserve Assets. Up to 50% of the proceeds is earmarked to be invested with an ASEAN Sovereign Wealth Fund in Renewable Energy and Waste Management. The balance 20% will be deployed to fund the projects of Clover Climate Alliance.

To make our planet whole again, we cannot rely on others to act. We ourselves must act now. In doing so, together, we can shape the future.

Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal
Chief Envoy for Clover Climate Alliance

Shoeb Kagda
Special Envoy for Clover Climate Alliance
Spokesman for Clover Country­kagda-33b56222