This is your opportunity to change the look of the future

For those who don’t wait for opportunities to knock twice, Clover Country gives you the choice of a self-made better life. A fair chance to prosper and to do good, better.

We believe in a sustainable world, where well-being, freedom, equality, collaboration and stability are the pillars of prosperity.



We believe that people rise by lifting others…
Clover's humanitarian mission is to relieve suffering and maintain human dignity.


We have the obligation to optimise the usage of our natural resources…
Clover provides you with the opportunity to invest in initiatives that contribute to the reduction of environmental issues, and thus, to the conservation of our planet for the present and future generations.

Digital Healthcare

Health is no longer just a privilege of the wealthy, but a human right of everyone…
Through technology, we aim to transform concepts such as wearable gadgets, ingestible sensors, mobile health apps, artificial intelligence, robotic carers or electronic records into the best way of taking care of oneself.
Digital Education

Digital Education

Lifelong learning of digital skills is important in today’s evolving world…
Clover gives you the chance to invest in education and to build, together with other citizens, the foundation for a better world.
Charitable Initiatives

Charitable Initiatives

Time to do good, better…
By becoming a Clover citizen, you'll be able to support the causes you believe in by directing parts of your lifelong passive income to special causes

The world of insecurities is over

Together, let’s create a better future and make the best of every opportunity given.